Wild Spring Flowers Wall Mural




Boho Wild Flowers wallpaper featuring beautiful watercolour spring and meadow flowers is the perfect addition to a nursery, girl’s bedroom. Soft pastel colours and natural earthy colours would be a fantastic base for any furniture in the room and would create a lovely feature wall!

Mima Interiors’ products are handmade in the UK and feature:
✓ Durable UV & Water Resistant Material
✓ Smooth Matte Wallpaper Finish

Maximum print height on this wallpaper is 255 cm. When purchasing a wallpaper choose one with the closest measurements to your wall and message us with the exact measurements of your wall. We will ensure the correct amount of rolls are sent to you to cover your wall.


Paste the wall wallpaper:
✓ Non plastic, high quality wallpaper
✓ Easy to install
✓ Water resistant
✓ UV-Resistant long lasting print
✓ Washable
✓ Satin finish with no glare

^ You will receive the wallpaper/mural in one or more rolls depending on the size of you wall.
^ If you have got any additional requirement to a size, colour or anything else just send us a message and we will try our best to meet your requirements.
^ Please note that the real-life designs and sizes can slightly differ from what they look like in the images and the displayed images are for demonstration purposes only.

Our items are dispatched within 2-3 working days.

Our products are made to measure therefore we are unable to accept return unless the item is faulty- in this case we will be happy to exchange it or refund you.

Additional information


H200xW200, H200xW250, H200xW300, H200xW350, H200xW400, H200xW450, H220xW200, H220xW250, H220xW300, H220xW350, H220xW400, H220xW450, H230xW200, H230xW250, H230xW300, H230xW350, H230xW400, H230xW450, H240xW200, H240xW250, H240xW300, H240xW350, H240xW400, H240xW450, H255xW200, H255xW250, H255xW300, H255xW350, H255xW400, H255xW450


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