Girls Wall Stickers

If you are looking to decorate a girl’s room or nursery our huge range of wall stickers give you plenty of options. From woodland animals to flowers, from unicorns to princesses, we have fun designs to suit every child’s bedroom.

Girls’ wall sticker range

While all our stickers are unisex and can be used to decorate any room, if you are searching for ways to decorate a girl’s room, we have pulled together some of our favourites, many of which have a traditional pink colour scheme.

Animal wall stickers

If your daughter loves cute animals then look no further as we have everything you can think of from woodland creatures, bunnies with balloons and even an elephant princess which can be used to decorate your daughter’s bedroom or nursery.

For a walk on the wild side, our jungle and safari themed wall sticker sets might be a perfect choice, with realistic watercolour animals creating fantastic feature walls or backdrops for key pieces of furniture.

For a calmer approach, our bunnies and teddies with balloons, and our cat or bunny with flowers, all in pastel pink colours, might be more suitable for developing a calming and cute theme within a younger girl’s nursery.

Other girl’s wall stickers

Not all children are into animals however, which is why we developed a huge range of designs to choose from, including ballerinas, flowers and our very popular world map stickers, which also come with a range of matching accessories.

For those who prefer extinct animals, we also offer dinosaur wall stickers and other matching dinosaur accessories, making the perfect bedroom for any little girl who is a fan of friendly dinosaurs. We even have super cute ones that are ideal for the nursery.

Extra-large wall stickers

Our extra-large sticker sets can be used to transform a whole wall and are really spectacular colourful designs that could be used to create stunning features in any room. All the extra-large stickers are supplied in separate pieces so can be placed in any position you choose within the room.

The extra-large animal wall stickers collection includes Boho Safari, Boho Savannah, Forest, Ocean, Fun Safari and Sea Life designs, giving plenty of choices of different animals to brighten up the bedrooms or nurseries of any boys.

Enormous wall stickers

We also offer two enormous animal sticker sets. The first is the Enormous Safari Wall Sticker set which is our largest set and will cover seven square metres. This is a lovely set of wall stickers to fill the entire room or wall in your little boy’s or girl’s room. Maybe even 2 walls.

It includes enormous stickers of a lion, rhino, giraffe, cheetah, elephant, zebra, meerkat, two birds, some rope, a tree, hot air balloons plus additional clouds, flowers and plants. These wall stickers can change your room from dull walls to beautiful feature walls.

The stickers come on 3 sheets measuring 150cm by 100cm but all of the animals and other stickers are cut separately and can be placed anywhere in the room, leaving it to your creative imagination as to how you choose to place them.

Our second enormous animal sticker set is the Enormous Savannah Wall Sticker set which will cover six metres and is equally as impressive. It will also easily cover two walls or fill a room with it’s stunning designs and size.

It includes: a lion, rhino, giraffe, gazelle, elephant, zebra, three monkeys, three plants, a lemur, some rope, a tree and additional flowers and plants. These will also be delivered on 3 sheets measuring 150cm by 100cm, with all stickers cut separately.

Girl’s bedroom accessories

As well as our huge range of wall stickers which can be used to brighten up your daughter’s room, we also have a wide variety of wall murals and wallpapers which can be used to create stunning feature walls or to decorate an entire room if you choose to.

All our stickers and wallpapers are made from high-quality materials which are suitable for children. Our stickers are fabric and easy to apply, as well as easy to peel off and reposition many times without leaving any marks on the wall.

Our murals and wallpapers are all washable and are delivered in rolls. If you give us the measurements for your room when you order them, we can make sure you receive enough rolls for your particular requirements.

We also stock children’s bedding, lamps and cushions to match many of our wall sticker designs, meaning you can create an entire theme for your girl’s room, from woodland forests to cute bunnies, from flowers to a jungle safari.

If you can’t find the designs you are looking for, or you want something in a different colour to what is pictured on the website, please do get in touch with us and we will do our best to help.


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