Quality Fabric Wall Stickers and Room Décor


Quality Fabric Wall Stickers and Room Décor


Quality Fabric Wall Stickers and Room Décor


All of our products are delivered first class, packed in heavy duty mailing tubs for the extra protection. UK shipping is free.

Our normal delivery timings takes 1-2 working days to dispatch products and approx 3-5 working days for domestic delivery.

If there is a missing/lost package then reach out via email and we will investigate the issue and respond within 24 hours.

As well as the UK, we can also ship to USA. The shipping fee for US is £19.99 and takes approximately 7 days.

Before Application of MiMA stickers

It is recommended to wait at least 2 weeks after painting walls before  applications of the stickers.  To achieve the best results all walls must be clean and dry. 

Our stickers are printed on self adhesive high quality vinyl and are suitable for flat, smooth, matte walls. If your wall paint is silk or gloss we cannot guarantee that stickers will maintain tacky as they would on recommended surfaces.

Application of stickers

Most of our stickers are printed and cut separately for easy peel off and application. Measurements of stickers are available on each individual advert. 

When purchasing a sticker or sticker set you will receive instruction on how to apply them onto your wall, it is very simple process 🙂 

Share your wall with us!

We would love to see your child’s transformed bedroom. Please tag us on Facebook or Instagram, we are excited to see it! For share/ tag and review every customer will receive 15% off their next order across our site.

Our contact details:

Mima Interiors Limited, registered office 14 Hayes Square, Exeter, EX57AT, contact email address

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